Jeslina Hashim

Jeslina Hashim

1. Name: Jeslina Hashim / Nor Jeslina Hashim binti Khairuddin Hashim

2. Occupation: Singer, Actress

3. Date of birth: March 11, 1978

4. Contributions:

  1. Published album, Ku Intai Cinta Dalam Rahsia (2000) and Entah (2001)
  2. Singing for soundtrack album Idola (2002)
  3. Lead actor in Seri Dewi Malam, Idola directed by Aziz M. Osman
  4. Dubbing voice for actress Lisdawati in film KL Menjerit
  5. Opened her own company named Citrus Entertainment


5. Honours and Awards:

  1. Awarded Upcoming Actress in the 15th Malaysian Film Festival for Seri Dewi Malam


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