Latifah Bee Ismail

latifahbee1. Name: Latifah Bee Ismail Mohamad Ghows, Dr.

2. Occupation: Medical practitioner

3. Date of birth: 1911

4. Education:

  1. Masters in Child Health, England (1954-1955)
  2. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), University of Hong Kong (1942)
  3. Medical Studies, King Edward VII Medical College, Singapore (1937)
  4. Treacher Methodist Girls School, Taiping


5. Contributions:

  1. Senior Medical Officer at the Penang Municipal Council (1956)
  2. Medical Officer at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (1949)
  3. Joined Hong Kong Civil Hospital and worked alongside British doctors (1942-1945)
  4. Worked at Hong Kong Hospital during World War II (1941-1943)
  5. Medical Officer at Malacca General Hospital
  6. First female Muslim doctor


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