O.M. Noordin

o m noordin

1. Name: O.M. Noordin / Omardin Merican Noordin

2. Occupation: Licensed horse trainer

3. Education:

  1. St. Xavier, Penang


4. Contributions:

  1. Started racing in 1931 as an owner, trainer and jockey
  2. He was the only Asian to be licensed during the British regime
  3. Was a professional jockey during Japanese Occupation
  4. President of RTA (M)
  5. Appointed as personal trainer to Tunku Abdul Rahman string of racehorses and various Sultan’s horses
  6. Ex-president, Lions Club
  7. Took over government post a DADO, K.K Bharu, DHDP KL, DHDO Kjang Co, the rank of captain for 10 years



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