Rashida Hanoum Tadayon

rashida hanoum

1. Name: Rashida Hanoum Tadayon Ariff

2. Occupation: Community activist

3. Education:

  1. St. George’s Girls School (1958-1962)


4. Contributions:

  1. Founder and Advisor to the Malaysian Club in Bahrain
  2. Founding the first Rotary Ann Club which raised funds for equipment for childcare homes and physically disabled people
  3. Committees, Awali Badminton Club, Awali Repertory Theater Society, Awali Ladies Hospitality Group
  4. Charity project to assist poor Bahraini families, migrant workers or labourers of different nationalities and abused women and children



Khoo Salma Nasution, Alison Hayes and Sehra Yeap Zimbulis. (2010). Giving Our Best:The Story of St. George’s Girls School, Penang, 1885-2010. Penang: Areca Books.


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