Mat Tarzan

mat tarzan

1. Name: Mat Tarzan / Ahmad Haji Ali

2. Occupation: Body builder


3. Contributions:

  1. One of the stars of the New World Amusement Park since 1950s, where he was billed as ‘Tarzan of Malaya’
  2. He travelled the country, displaying his feats of strength, included wrestling with pythons, bending oron bars with his throat, being dragged through broken glass, bending iron nails with his teeth, and jumping through burning hoops studded with sharp blades
  3. Mastered some fine culinary skills which he picked up from his late father who served the Sultan of Kedah for many years
  4. Known with his dishes of ox-tail soup or ‘Mee Jawa’. His stall keep re-locating; Hutton Lane and Swaton Lane, Persiaran Gurney, Jalan Utama, Lebuh Chulia, Farlim and Lebuh Dickens (1960s)
  5. Performed in one episode of the popular Australian television series, ‘Bailey’s Bird’ which was shot


4. Honours and Awards:

  1. Mr PHCL (Penang Health Culture League) (1959-1961)
  2. Mr. Penang (1966)


Source: A. Shukor Rahman. 2010. Flying Colours of Tanjung – The Story of Penang Malays. Pulau Pinang: Shaik Asgar Ibrahim


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