P.K. Shakkarai Rawther

No Photo Available1. Name: P.K. Shakkarai Rawther

2. Occupation: Cargo boat owner, Landing and Shipping Agent, Philanthropist

3. Date and place of birth: 1880, India

4. Date and place of death: 1947, India


5. Contributions:

  1. Worked for a European shipping company
  2. Started his own cargo handling services
  3. Formed P.K. Shakkaraai Rawther & Co (early 1930s)
  4. Part of land was used to build 240 kampung houses which were offered free to the locals
  5. Donated money to the construction of Pykett Methodist School
  6. Donated money to orphanages and old folks’ home
  7. President of the Muslim Mahajana Sabha (1930)
  8. Committee member of Al-Mashoor School
  9. President of Darul Aihsan Football Club
  10. Member of The Penang Mohamedan Advisory Board



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