R.E. Mohamed Kassim

No Photo Available1. Name: R.E. Mohamed Kassim

2. Occupation: Merchant, Ship owner, Landed proprietor, Philanthropist

3. Date and place of birth: 1873, India

4. Date and place of death: July 3, 1931, Klang, Selangor


5. Contributions:

  1. Founder and sole proprietor of a trading firm and the Estate Supply Agency
  2. Involved in shipping and textiles business
  3. Distributor of rice and spice
  4. Sole distributor of Australian Roller Flour
  5. Business spread throughout Malaya
  6. Built mosques in Klang
  7. President of Al-Hasanatul Jamiatul Islamiya Association
  8. Founder of a school in Rajaghiri
  9. Established scholarship funds for students to pursue education at the University of Aligarh, India
  10. Founder of Kassim Chatitable Dispensary
  11. President of the Selangor Indian Merchants’ Association


6. Honours and Awards:

  1. Justice of Peace, Selangor



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