Shaikh Sulaiman Bakar Rafee

No Photo Available1. Name: Shaikh Sulaiman bin Bakar Rafee

2. Occupation: Publisher, Printer, Bookshop owner, Thinker, Islamic educator

3. Date and place of birth: 1916, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

4. Date of death: 2004, Gelugor, Penang


5. Contributions:

  1. Operated tin ore business in Ipoh, Perak
  2. Taught Quran and Arabic at Al-Mashoor School
  3. Opened a sawmill in Butterworth
  4. Started a business in printing blocks
  5. Printed and sold batik from his home
  6. Engaged in the business of book binding
  7. Sold Quran and bound books
  8. Took over Persama Press and renamed it to Sulaiman Rafee Press



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