Syed Ali Syed Abdullah Al-Mufathal

No Photo Available1. Name: Syed Ali bin Syed Abdullah Al-Mufathal

2. Occupation: Pligrim broker/agent, Businessman, Religious teacher, Philanthropist

3. Date and place of birth: early 1900s, Sungai Pinang, Penang

4. Date of death: 2001

5. Education:

  1. Studied Islam in Saudi Arabia


6. Contributions:

  1. Worked at Syarikat Juddah Pilgrimage
  2. Had his own pilgrim business
  3. Operated a small business making ‘makjun’ (traditional health tonic) and ‘bedak sejuk’ (Malay face powder made of rice flour)
  4. Taught Arabic language at Al-Mashoor School
  5. Village leader at Lebuh Acheh
  6. Treasurer of a football club (1930s)



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