Syed Hassan Aidid

syedhassan1. Name: Syed Hassan Aidid bin Syed Mahtar Aidid, Tan Sri Datuk

2. Occupation: Jeweller, Community leader, Philanthropist

3. Date and place of birth: September 20, 1916, Singapore

4. Date of death: 1982

5. Education:

  1. Hutchings Primary School
  2. Penang Free School (1932-1936)


6. Contributions:

  1. Small scale businessman
  2. Bought his brother’s business, New Gold Company
  3. Director of companies
  4. Kampung Baru Branch UMNO chief
  5. UMNO Penang Division Chief
  6. Penang UMNO Liaison Chief
  7. UMNO Supreme Council Member
  8. Senator
  9. Penang North-east District Goodwill Committee
  10. Board of Rent Appeal
  11. Board of Termination of Citizenship
  12. Board of Hospital Visitors
  13. Board of Prison Visitors
  14. Socail Liason Committee
  15. Tun Sardon Foundation Committee Member
  16. Chairman of Penang Water Authority
  17. Advisory Board of 4B Youth Association (Penang & Butterworth)
  18. Board of Air Itam Primary School
  19. Board of Sri Aman Primary School
  20. Board of St. Xavier’s Institution
  21. Patron of Malay Football Association
  22. Patron of Sepak Raga Association
  23. Patron of Penang Amateur Cycling Association
  24. Patron of Penang Amateur Swimming Association
  25. Vice-patron of Penang Amateur Athletic Association
  26. Acting Governor of Penang (twice)
  27. Charitable towards the needy


7. Honours and Awards:

  1. Justice of Peace
  2. Pingat Jasa Kebaktian
  3. Darjah Mulia Pangku Negara
  4. Darjah Yang Mulia Setia Mahkota Negara



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