Syed Omar Almashoor

No Photo Available1. Name: Syed Omar Almashoor

2. Occupation: Jeweller, Hajj agent, Politician, Philantrophist

3. Date of birth: 1917

4. Date of death: 1980

5. Education:

  1. Studied Islam in Tarim, Hadramaut, Yemen


6. Contributions:

  1. Opened first shop at 1E Buckingham Street (1948)
  2. Opened a shop at 81 Pitt Street (1953)
  3. Hajj agent of Mansfield and Co
  4. Operated Juddah Pilgrimage from 87 Lebuh Acheh
  5. Sponsored Darul Aihsan Football Club
  6. Active member of UMNO
  7. Made various contributions to Almashoor School
  8. Donated money to the building of a mosque in Penang Hill (1960s)
  9. Honorary advisor of Acheen Street Welfare Community
  10. Director of Warta Negara, northern region Malay newspaper



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