Wan Chik Ariffin

No Photo Available1. Name: Wan Chik Ariffin bin Mohamed Ariff / Wanchee Ariffin

2. Occupation: Rice merchant and wholesaler, Philanthropist

3. Date of birth: 1880s

4. Date of death: 1920s

5. Education:

  1. St. Xavier’s institution


6. Contributions:

  1. Engaged in successful rice business
  2. Donated land in Perak road to build a mosque
  3. Built welfare hoe for the poor
  4. Established a cemetery
  5. Sponsored ‘boria’ troupes and football clubs
  6. Donated football trophy, Wan Chik Ariffin Cup, which was made of silver and cost $30 000
  7. Donated land to the Municipal Council for road construction


7. Honours and Awards:

  1. Roads in honour of him, Ariffin Road and Ariffin court


Source: Loh Wei Ling, Badriyah Haji Salleh, Mahani Musa, Wong Yee Tuan & Marcus Langdon (Eds). (2013). Biographical Dictionary of Mercantile Personalities of Penang. Kuala Lumpur: THINK CITY and MBRAS


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