Nani Rahayu Yusof Hughie


1. Name: Nani Rahayu Yusof Hughie

2. Occupation: Restaurateur

3. Place of birth: George Town, Penang


4. Contributions:

  1. Owner of a Malaysian restaurant, Mamak Malaysia, New York
  2. Owner of Mami PG’s Cooking and Melayu’s Cookies


5. Honours and Awards:

  1. Restaurant serves popular Penang Indian Muslim dishes awarded ‘One Star’ rating by the Michelin Guide (international rating of quality restaurant)
  2. Restaurant reviewed by among others The New York Times, The New York Magazine, Chopsticks and Marrow
  3. Restaurant featured in Globe Trotter



Michelin Recognition for Mamak Malaysia. (February 2, 2014). The Star.


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