Mohamed Zain Yusof

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1. Name: Mohamed Zain Yusof, Datuk
2. Occupation: Sports Official
3. Date and Place of Birth:
4. Education:

  1.  Penang Free School

5. Contributions:

  1.   Vice President, Malaysia Golf Association
  2.  Secretary General, ASEAN Golf Federation
  3. Chairman, National Players Development
  4. Chairman, National Junior Development
  5. Member, International Golf Federation
  6. Captain. Malaysian team for Eisenhower Golf Championship
  7. Council Member, Badminton Association of Malaysia
  8. Deputy Chairman, Badminton Training Committee
  9. Was involved with Malaysia team that has won the Thomas Cup
  10.  Badminton official when Malaysia participated in the Barcelona Olympics where Malaysia won bronze medal for individual and team event

6. Honours and Awards:

  1. PFS Sports Hero, Sports Official Category (2012)

Honouring Our PFS Sports  Heroes: 196 years of Glory and Gratitude. Old Frees Association KL and Selangor 196th Anniversary Dinner.



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