Takbir Ahmad Nazir Ahamd

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1.         Name: Takbir Ahmad Nazir Ahamd

2.         Occupation: Hockey player

3.         Date and Place of Birth:

4.         Education:

  1. Penang Free School

5.         Contributions:

  1. Represented Malaysia in hockey at the Munich Olympics (1972)
  2.  Best position achieved internationally in hockey was world number 8
  3.  Represented Penang in hockey (1967-1972)
  4. Represented Penang in football (Burnley Cup under 20) (1966)
  5. Represented police in hockey (1973)
  6. Coach, police hockey women’s team (1984-2003)
  7.  Represented Kuala Lumpur and Sultan Ahmad Shah Hockey team in veteran Asia Pacific Rim Tournament

6.         Honours and Awards:

  1.  PFS Sports Hero, Sportsman Category (2012)


Honouring Our PFS Sports  Heroes: 196 years of Glory and Gratitude. Old Frees Association KL and Selangor 196th Anniversary Dinner.



Malaysian hockey at the Olympics.  (July 13, 2012). The Star.



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