Baba Ahmed

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1. Name Baba Ahmed bin Ahmed / Shaik Hayati Meah bin Sheik Ahmad Meah, Captain

2. Occupation: Sportsman, Medical officer

3. Date and place of birth: December 13, 1888, Lorong Pak Haji Dollah (now Swatow Lane)

4. Date of death: 1967

5. Education:

  1. Anglo-Chinese English School, Penang Road
  2. Malay Chowrasta School


6. Contributions:

  1. His journal was published by his son Ahmed Meah Baba Ahmed as Penaklukan Jepun: Suka Duka di George Town (The Japanese Conquest: Pleasures and Sorrow in Georgetown) (1992) (Kuala Lumpur: Media Indah)
  2. President of the Government Pensionersā€™ Association
  3. President of the Penang Cricket Association (mid-60s)
  4. Winner of the B.P. de Silva Cup, his team REST beat Europeans by seven wickets
  5. Involved in the Penang and Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps (Captain of the former Straits Settlements Volunteer Force)
  6. Assigned to a Dispensary at Buckingham Street, Penang during the war
  7. Worked at Balik Pulau Hospital (1923-1930)
  8. Worked at a special ward for Europeans and locals (1912-1923)
  9. Hospital assistant and medical officer (1912)
  10. Nominated Member of the Rural District Council
  11. Secretary of Penang Muslim Orphanage
  12. Active member of 20 Sports Clubs, and charitable organisations


7. Honours and Awards:

  1. Justice of the Peace, JP
  2. Achieved the rank of Captain in the Penang and Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps (1931)
  3. The Hayati Meah Pavilion at Penang Sports Club Field was erected in recognition of his contribution in cricket
  4. Jalan Baba Ahmad, Tanjung Bungah, was named after him
  5. His concern for the welfare of the people, especially theĀ under-privileged, and his dedicated service, earned him the title of the ‘grand old man’


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