S.M. Eusoff

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1. Name: S.M. Eusoff

2. Occupation: Proprietor

3. Date and place of birth: 1896, Penang

4. Education:

  1. Penang Malay English School


5. Contributions:

  1. Proprietor of S.M. Eusoff & Sons
  2. Started his own business (1925)
  3. Storekeeper, Instant Smelting Co. Ltd. Penang
  4. Societa Commissionaria Orientale Penang
  5. President, Electrical Merchants Association
  6. President Penang Malay Association
  7. Honorary Treasurer, Malay Chamber of Commerce
  8. Member, UMNO Penang Branch



Victor J. Morais (Ed.) (1959). The Leaders of Malaya and Who’s Who 1959-1960. Singapore: Fisher


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