Mohammad Zain Hussain

1. Name: Mohammad Zain Hussain

2. Occupation: Senior military officer

3. Date and place of birth: June 19, Penang

4. Education:

  1. Penang Free School


5. Contributions:

  1. Associated Producer, Malayan Film Unit, Kuala Lumpur
  2. Joined Penang R.N.V.R., was mobilised on the first day of war
  3. Rendered service in the South Java Sea and Australian waters while stationed there after fall of Java
  4. Signal Communication Officer, Ceylon (1943)
  5. Loaned to Force 136 (1943)
  6. Trained in India and Ceylon for special service in Malaya
  7. Parachuted into Grik in an experimental night drop and served in the jungle till Japan surrendered
  8. Served R.M.N
  9. Joined M.F.U. 1947


6. Honours and Awards:

  1. Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.)



Victor J. Morais (Ed.) (1959). The Leaders of Malaya and Who’s Who 1959-1960. Singapore: Fisher


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