Khadijah Abdul Aziz

1. Name: Khadijah binti Abdul Aziz

2. Occupation: Senior government officer, Social activist

3. Date and place of birth: June 24, 1910, Penang


4. Contributions:

  1. Assistant Welfare Officer (1948)
  2. Social Welfare Officer, Kuala Kangsar
  3. Board of Visitors to Women’s Hospital, Kuala Kangsar
  4. President, Kaum Ibu UMNO
  5. Kuala Kangsar Permanent Delegate to UMNO Malaya (1947-1954)
  6. Unofficial Member, Perak State Council (1951-1955)
  7. Vice President, Adult Education Association, Perak
  8. Patron, Permi Perak, Kuala Kangsar
  9. Member, Town and Licensing Board for Lenggong, Grik, Kroh and Klian Intan (1952-1953)
  10. Committee member to advise Government on measures to be taken of Malay boys and girls to English Schools
  11. Committee member, Girl Guides Association, Kuala Kangsar (1951-1953)
  12. Organiser for National Association of Women’s institute, Kuala Kangsar (1952-1953)
  13. President, Women’s Institute, Kuala Kangsar (1952-1953)
  14. President, Territorial Association of Women’s Institute, Kuala Kangsar
  15. State Representative, National Association of Women’s Institute
  16. Member, State Advisory Committee on Education on National School (1955-1956)
  17. District Welfare and TB Committee, Kuala Kangsar


5. Honours and Awards:

  1. Coronation Medal



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