Hashim Awang

1. Name: Hashim bin Awang

2. Occupation: Politician

3. Date and place of birth: July 14, 1915, Tasek Gelugor, Province Wellesley

4. Education:

  1. Bukit Mertajam High School


5. Contributions:

  1. Worked at the Drainage and Irrigation Department
  2. Started own business
  3. Served in S.S.V.F. (World War 2)
  4. Imprisoned by the Japanese, suspected as British spy
  5. Attended Malay National Congress, Kuala Lumpur
  6. Chairman, UMNO Province Wellesley
  7. Established companies; Federal Transport Service Co. Ltd. (1949), Mechanical Farming Syndicate (1951), and United Canned Food Co. (1953)
  8. Won North of Province Wellesley seat at the Settlement Elections (February 1955)
  9. Member, Settlement Council
  10. Member, Settlement Development Board
  11. Member, Rural District Council
  12. Member, Education Board
  13. Member, R.I.D.A. Central Authority
  14. Member, Agricultural Board
  15. Member, Circle War Executive Committee
  16. Chairman & Board of Director, Utusan Melayu Press Ltd., Singapore
  17. Managing Director, Federal Transport Service Co. Ltd.
  18. Director, United Canned Food Co. Ltd.
  19. Only Alliance candidate unopposed in Federal Elections (1955)
  20. Member, UMNO Malaya Executive
  21. Committee Member, Penang Rotary Club (1956)
  22. Chairman, Committee for Agriculture and Fishery, Penang
  23. Chairman, Settlement Development Board (1956)
  24. Elected Settlement Representative to Rubber Replanting Board of Administrators
  25. Represented Malaya to World Scout jamboree in Australia (1934-1935)
  26. Invited to the United States on a Leader Grant (1956-1957)
  27. Nominated as a member of the Senate Federation of Malaya by the Penang State Assembly


6. Honours and Awards:

  1. Justice of Peace



Victor J. Morais (Ed.) (1959). The Leaders of Malaya and Who’s Who 1959-1960. Singapore: Fisher


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