Abdul Rahim Khan

1. Name: Abdul Rahim Khan bin Abdul Malik Khan

2. Occupation: Administrator, Politician

3. Place of birth: Kebun Nyior, Penang

4. Date of death: September 26, 2003

5. Education:

  1. Penang Free School
  2. Westlands Primary School


6. Contributions:

  1. Founder of Penang State UMNO
  2. Former permanent Chairman of Penang Malay Association (PEMENANG)
  3. Former treasurer of Penang Justice of the Peace Council
  4. Administrator, Islamic Chamber of Commerce
  5. Jelutong UMNO branch chairman



A. Shukor Rahman. 2010. Flying Colours of Tanjung – The Story of Penang Malays. Pulau Pinang: Shaik Asgar Ibrahim


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