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Begum Bismillah Munawar

1. Name: Begum Bismillah Munawar 2. Occupation: Philanthropist and Pioneer of voluntary movements 3. Date of birth: 1921 4. Date of death: 1985 5....

Sarena Hashim

1. Name: Sarena Hashim 2. Occupation: Television personality, Recording artist, Composer/Lyric writer, Music/Film producer, Entrepreneur, Social worker 3. Place of birth: Tanjung Bungah, Penang...
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Khalid Ahmad

1. Name: Khalid Ahmad Sulaiman, Tan Sri 2. Occupation: Politician, Community activist, Lawyer 3. Date of birth: 1936 4. Education: Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple Inn,...

Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee

1. Name: Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. 2. Occupation: Conservationist, Veterinary specialist 3. Date of birth: July 31, 1937 4. Education: Ph.D,...

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