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Che Yan Abdul Hamid Hussein

1. Name: Che Yan Abdul Hamid Hussein, Hajah 2. Occupation: Community activist 3. Date and Place of Birth: 4. Date of Death: 5. Education:...
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Chedin Mohamed Hashim

1. Name: Chedin Mohamed Hashim, Tan Sri 2. Occupation: Rubber broker, Auctioneer, Insurance and Shipping Agent, Philanthropist, Politician 3. Date and place of birth:...

Che Su Haji Akil

1. Name: Che Su binti Haji Akil, Puan Sri Dato’ 2. Occupation: Teacher, Women’s advocate 3. Education: St. George’s Girls Primary School (1955)  ...

Cikgu Baha

1. Name: Cikgu Baha / Mohd Bahroodin Ahmad, Dato’ 2. Occupation: Cultural activist 3. Date of birth: March 13, 1944, Singapore 4. Education: B.A. (Hons)...

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