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Who’s Who Among Penang Malays

This website compiles brief biographical information or directory on noted Penang Malays individual. These individuals are noteworthy, influential, and accomplished individuals of the past and present who hails from Penang who have contributed to the development of Penang, Malaysia, and the international community. The motivation behind this project is that many of these personalities’ contributions were either not known, forgotten, or hard-to-find. It is hoped that such information can promote the sense of identity and pride among the Penang Malays that this ethnic group has also contributed towards the well being of either the people of Penang or elsewhere. The noted personalities come from all walks of society from heads of state, key ministers, politicians, diplomats, religious leaders, the famous and successful in business and finance, technology, film, music, literature, fashion, sport, and a host of other professions.

Note: Any honorific title of the individuals will be added in the brackets.

Selection of entries.

Biographies born and raised in Penang gain automatic entry to the list. However, those who have spend significant part of their lives in Penang or have contributed to the progress of Penang and have called Penang as their home will be seek approval to the entrance of the list.

The choice of language for this project is English Language so that both Malaysians and the international audience can have access to this information.


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Headed by Dr. Mohamad Rashidi Mohd Pakri & Nazima Versay Kudus, this project was funded in 2013 by Geran Penyelidikan Warisan Melayu Pulau Pinang (1001/JNC/AUPRM001), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA.





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