Syeikh Abdullah al-Maghribi al-Ghadamshi

No Photo Available1. Name: Syeikh Abdullah al-Maghribi Al-Ghadamshi

2. Occupation: Publisher, Printer, Writer, Educationist

3. Date and place of birth: 1892, Ghadamis, Libya

4. Date and place of death: 1974, Libya

5. Education:

  1. Studied Quran at the Quran Institute under the tutelage of Syeikh al-Faqih Qasim bin Ahmad Dawi
  2. Continued his studies at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Masjid al-Sawlatiyah


6. Contributions:

  1. Influential businessman and educationist in the first decade of the 20th century
  2. Taught at Madrasah al-Aqiq, Taif, Saudi Arabia
  3.  Taught at Masjid al-Haram (1916)
  4. Taught Arabic, Arabic literature, Fekah and Balaghah at Madrasah al-Mashoor
  5. Headmaster of al-Mashoor (1919)
  6. Taught at Madrasah Idrisiah, Perak
  7. Re-opened Madrasah al-Amirah Mariah (1929)
  8. Opened his own madrasah, Madrasah al-Huda al-Diniyyah
  9. Owned printing company, Al-Huda Press
  10. Published his writings Kitab Munir al-Ifham and Kitab Ilmu Balaghah
  11. Printed religious reading materials and newspaper, Sahabat



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